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About Us



Noun. "Something produced by combining two or more ingredients, parts, or elements; 

a combination of parts or principles forming a whole."


My kennel name is a culmination of years of education, experience, training, competing, and raising dogs. 

I am always learning and always striving to increase my knowledge to share with my owners, other breeders, and fanciers. 

Compound Rhodesian Ridgebacks


In 2001, I was stationed at the Consul General in Frankfurt Germany as a Marine Security Guard. As I stood post, I turned to see a woman standing outside the Consul doors with a magnificent red dog. I immediately spoke into the intercom to find out what kind of dog he was. She said he was a Rhodesian Ridgeback. As I began my search to find out more information about this dog, I discovered that the Rhodesian Ridgeback was exactly the type of dog I had been looking for. When I returned to the US two years later I began my search to acquire one of my own. Sadly I was met with breeders who would not return my emails or phone calls because I was active-duty military. While I did understand their concern, I had a plan in place if I was ever met with the challenge of having to deploy. I acquired my first Ridgeback in 2004 from a breeder who did not complete health testing or temperament testing. I did however learn about what to look for in my next dog and I was much better prepared when the time came. I personally make a point to try and answer all inquiry emails because I hope that someone doesn't end up in the same situation as I was at the beginning of my introduction to the breed.  

When I acquired my first Ridgeback, I had no intention of competing in performance or conformation. I was also not interested in breeding. All I wanted was a pet and companion. Roughly a year and a half after acquiring that first dog, I was compelled by a friend to attend a lure coursing trial. Rather unexpectedly, my dog really loved the sport and was keen on the lure. I am grateful to have attended that first trial because it ultimately led me to a whole world of people that I did not know existed. Over the last almost twenty years, I have come into contact with people who have guided my path in this breed. I have spent a lot of time watching and learning. I have come to really believe in supporting local clubs and that education is key. I personally have attended several breeding and reproduction seminars and have completed my degree to better understand people and improve my communication and writing skills. I also completed a full year of certification dog training courses to better understand canine behavior and ways to help my owners and personal dogs by learning better training techniques. I believe that staying connected with owners is important for the life of my puppies.  

My Philosophies 


01.   Never stop learning from other people (even their mistakes). 

02.  Be open about health testing results and allergy information.

03.   Invite people to learn and present the breed in a good light. 

04.  Be your dog's advocate for health care and feeding. 

05.   Do the best you can with the resources you have available. 

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