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Pennsylvania, USA


Our good friends and breeders Venus Ridgebacks (Dale and Kasey Parks) currently have a few available puppies from their most recent litter. Puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes the end of August. These puppies are related to my own dogs and I can vouch for their outstanding health and excellent temperaments. Please contact for more information. 


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Please bear in mind I do have a life outside of dogs and a full time job, so it may take a few days to return your message. 

I do not have a waiting list for puppies and have no plans to breed at this time.  

I currently do not have any puppies and do not have any breeding plans at this time. I do not have puppies available. I will not start a waiting list until I have a litter planned. Once I have a litter planned I will update this website. I am happy to answer any other questions. 



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